nutrition counseling

At Linwood Animal Clinic, we offer guidance on nutrition and weight control to keep your pet healthy for life. 

It can be challenging to determine the best diet for your pet, especially for reptiles and exotics, and obesity in pets can lead to serious health problems. Our team can help determine your pet’s ideal weight and develop a plan for achieving that goal through proper diet and exercise. As your pet ages, his or her nutritional and weight control needs will inevitably change so we can evaluate and make any necessary adjustments as needed.

"I have been bringing my animals to Linwood Animal Clinic for over 20 years."

The staff there is courteous, and the vets are very caring and professional and informative. The facility is nice and clean. I have never had to wait very long for my appointment. The cost seems to be reasonable compared to what I hear folks are paying for the same services at other vets. The facility is really clean and pleasant. I know they have many, many long time customers and I think that's a testament to their courtesy, competence, professionalism, and overall excellence. – Nancy