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Karyn, Receptionist


Hospital Administrator

A native of New Zealand, Karyn would often visit her aunt and uncle’s sheep and dairy farms while growing up. Seeing the animals cared for made a permanent impression on her—she’s known that she wanted to work in the veterinary world from a very young age! Now, Karyn gets to better the lives of pets daily as a member of the Linwood Animal Clinic family.

Karyn’s animal-care career began when she started volunteering with a local animal rescue group. Through her work, she got to know the staff at the clinic her rescue group used; before she knew it, she had signed up at the hospital as a kennel technician! It didn’t take her long to start working as a veterinary assistant.

Karyn joined the Linwood Animal Clinic team in the fall of 2013, and serves the pet owners of the area as one of the hospital’s receptionists. She’s particularly fond of answering clients’ questions regarding pet care, and also likes getting to learn more about exotic creatures.

At home, Karyn lives with several pets of her own. She has a Dachshund named Jack, a pair of cats who go by Homer and Jodie, and multiple fish.

Ivan, CEO



It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to Ivan, Linwood Animal Clinic’s beloved clinic cat and CEO (Cat Executive Officer). He will be sorely missed, but certainly never forgotten.
Ivan first came to Linwood Animal Clinic in 2004 after his rear leg was injured during a run-in with a motor vehicle. Dr. Cain treated him and eventually decided to take him in permanently—Ivan was a staple here at the clinic ever since, and never let his three-legged stature slow him down. He will be fondly remembered lounging in his basket on the main counter, stealing food morsels whenever he could, and dressing up in various outfits to the staff’s delight.

Rest in peace, Ivan. You will always remain in our hearts and in our memories.

Jamie, Veterinary Technician


Veterinary Technician LEADER

Jamie has adored animals since she was a young girl—she even recalls keeping a diary in which she would log the personalities and activities of all the stray cats, raccoons, and birds in her neighborhood! For Jamie, a career in the world of veterinary medicine simply makes sense.

Jamie grew up in Oregon City. She attended college to study marine biology before moving to Salt Lake City, Utah for a few years while obtaining her certification in veterinary technology. After becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician, Jamie moved back to the Portland area and joined the Linwood Animal Clinic family in May of 2012.

Medically, Jamie enjoys drawing blood, placing IV lines, and performing laboratory work. Most of all, though, she loves getting to know clients and their beloved pets on a daily basis; she never knows exactly what might walk through the clinic doors!

Jamie was recently married, and she and her husband live with an energetic bulldog named Hooper. When she isn’t working or spending time with her family, Jamie enjoys crafting, practicing her photography skills, expanding her collection of shot glasses (she has over 300!), and studying cryptozoology. This discipline is the study of animals whose existence has not been proven due to a lack of evidence—one of Jamie’s most memorable moments was seeing an Okapi, a zebra-like creature once believed to be only a myth, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

2 - Karla B



After leaving the Air Force, Karla wasn’t sure which career path she wanted to pursue. She had always loved animals and thought that science and healthcare were fascinating which led her to veterinary medicine!

Karla began volunteering at a local animal hospital and then applied to the Veterinary Technician program at Portland Community College. After graduation, Karla joined the Linwood Animal Clinic family!

Karla has a 10-year old hound mix named Gus, or lovingly referred to as their “cowdog”, who she rescued in Florida. 


Carol Ann, Veterinary Technician

Carol Ann

Veterinary Technician

After 20 years of working in the retail and bartending fields, Carol Ann was ready for a change. When her husband gave her an amazing opportunity to go back to school, she jumped at the chance! After plenty of hard work and perseverance, Carol Ann is now living her dream as a Certified Veterinary Technician here at Linwood Animal Clinic.

After completing two years’ worth of prerequisite coursework, Carol Ann began her veterinary studies through Portland Community College’s Veterinary Technician program. She interned at three separate veterinary clinics during her studies, and also volunteered with the local animal shelter and other rescue groups. It didn’t take Carol Ann long to realize that she had indeed picked the right path!

Carol Ann graduated in June of 2015 with an Associate’s degree in general studies and an Associate’s degree in applied science. Her last internship rotation was completed right here at Linwood Animal Clinic, and she was offered a job before she had even graduated. Carol Ann gladly accepted, and has been a part of the clinic family ever since.

At home, Carol Ann and her husband, Seth, live with several pets of their own. They share their lives with five cats—Patches, Mocha, Coco, Spooky, and Pooh Bear—as well as a pair of dogs named Zoe and Tyson. Together, Carol Ann and Seth enjoy traveling, fishing, and camping.




Coming soon.

Coming soon.




Growing up on the California coast next to the beach Alondra was exposed to marine animals and always wanted to take care of them. When she was 20 years old she was able to work at a marine mammal facility and it was then that she knew she wanted to work with large mammals or exotics. 

Alondra started at a veterinary clinic right out of high school and started at Linwood Animal Clinic in June 2019 to broaden her experience and work with all types of animals.

Alondra currently has a dog named Dwight, a chameleon named Kuzco, a gecko named Fred, and a cat named Nickel. When she’s not at work you can find her kayaking, fishing, or binge watching Planet Earth while eating pizza.

Tim, Client Care Rep


Client Care LEADER

Tim grew up in the Sacramento Valley with his parents, sister, and numerous dogs and cats. For him, animal care has always been a natural part of life!

Tim first heard of an opening at Linwood Animal Clinic from a college friend of his who worked as a Veterinary Technician here. Tim joined the team in February of 2007, and has been caring for the area’s pets as a Client Care Representative ever since. He especially enjoys meeting new and unusual animals, and also likes greeting pets whom he’s known for many years.

In his spare time, Tim likes hiking, reading, attending concerts, collecting records and books, and spending time with his own pets. He lives in Portland with two cats, Boyda and Saul.