The compassionate staff at Linwood Animal Clinic make sure that all surgeries are as stress-free as possible.

Our process begins with thorough preoperative screening and a strategy for keeping your pet comfortable and pain-free — before, during and after surgery. We use safe, effective pain control medication and tailor our approach for each pet.

Regardless of whether it’s a routine spay or neuter, or a more complex procedure, your pet’s surgery will be our highest priority. Once safely sedated, our team will complete the procedure as efficiently as possible. Our surgical suite has monitoring equipment to track your pet’s vital signs and pain levels.

When surgery is complete, we will move your pet to our safe, quiet recovery area. As the anesthesia begins to wear off, our staff will be there to offer comfort and reassurance. When you pick up your pet, we will go over our aftercare instructions and pain management if needed.


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