Choosing Cat Toys

Cats are very playful by nature. Fluffy is pretty adorable when she’s pouncing on a catnip mouse or rolling around trying to bat at a wand toy. Making sure your kitty has plenty of toys is very important! However, our feline pals all have their own purrsonal tastes when it comes to toys. In this article, a Happy Valley, OR vet offers some tips on choosing playthings for your cat.

Wand Toys

Interactive toys, like wand toys and laser pointers, are great for kitties. Because you can control the toy, playtime becomes both more fun and more challenging for your feline friend. This is a great way to teach kittens to attack toys, not you. Just put playthings with strings away after use, so your four-legged buddy doesn’t get tangled up.


Catnip is often the first thing that comes to mind when considering cat toys. Get refillable toys, so you can refresh the catnip when it gets stale. You can also try giving your kitty catnip bubbles. Of course, not all of our furry pals are susceptible to catnip. About a third—perhaps as many as half—of cats are immune to it. If your pet is immune, try a honeysuckle toy.


Fluffy just can’t resist batting at little balls. Try getting some that are shiny and/or have glitter on them. This can really pique the interest of some kitties. Just remember to retrieve your furry friend’s toys from beneath the couch regularly.

Modern Playthings

While classic toys will always be popular with our feline companions, there’s no reason you can’t get Fluffy something more modern. Some cats love playing with remote-controlled snakes, robotic mice, or mechanical ‘swimming’ fish. You can even get a device that lets you play with your kitty remotely, using a smartphone app, a laser pointer, and a camera.

DIY Toys

Store-bought toys are great, but you can also make Fluffy’s toys if you like. Grow your own catnip, and make tiny ‘mice’ by filling baby socks with the dried herb and then sewing them closed. You’ll find lots more great ideas online. Just be careful not to give your furry buddy anything small or sharp, or anything that could potentially choke or entangle her.

Please reach out to us, your local Happy Valley, OR vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are always happy to help!

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