Signs That Your Pet Is In Pain

Our animal friends can be very clear about communicating with us when they want to let us know that they’re hungry or want to play or cuddle. However, your pet can’t tell you if something is hurting them. Therefore, it’s important for pet owners to watch for warning signs. In this article, a local Happy Valley, OR vet lists some signs that your pet is in pain.


Limping is never a good sign in our furry buddies. Your pet may limp because of an injury, but limping can also be caused by health issues, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.


Animals often lick or bite at sore spots. If your furry pal is constantly licking or nibbling at a specific spot, such as a paw or limb, there may be something wrong.


Pets all have their own unique voices. Some are furry little chatterboxes, while others only speak on occasion. Sudden changes in the way your pet ‘talks’ can be a sign of pain. For instance, a normally quiet cat that starts meowing incessantly could be hurting.

Unusual Posture

When an animal is hurt, he or she may sit or stand in an unusual way. You may also notice your pet moving stiffly if something is wrong.


Most people don’t feel very sociable when they are sick or in pain. The same applies to our animal friends. If your pet seems withdrawn, or is hiding, your four-legged pal may be hurting.


Just like people, pets can get cranky if something is hurting them. If your furry pal is acting grouchy, there could be something wrong. The opposite also applies: if your animal companion is cranky by nature, and suddenly wants to snuggle all the time, he or she could be sick.


If you inadvertently touch a sore spot on your pet, he or she may flinch, jump, or even hiss or growl. This can definitely be an indication of pain.

Reduced Appetite

Sudden changes in your pet’s appetite can also be indicative of pain. Changes in your animal friend’s water intake can also be red flags.

Poor Grooming

Unkempt, greasy, or matted fur (or feathers) can be a sign that something is wrong.

If you see any of these red flags in your pet, please contact us, your Happy Valley, OR pet hospital, immediately. We’re here to help!

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