Hypoallergenic Exotic Pet Choices

Are you or a member of your family prevented from owning a dog or cat thanks to dander allergies? One option you may not have considered is an exotic animal. There are several hypoallergenic choices! Learn more below from your Happy Valley, OR veterinarian.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptile and amphibian pets like lizards, snakes, turtles, and frogs can make great pets for allergy-sufferers. Since they don’t have fur, they won’t give off dander. Plus, they’re largely contained in a terrarium, keeping any allergy-causing substances in one place. Remember that many reptiles and amphibians have specialized heat and lighting requirements, so ask your vet for more information about their unique care needs before making a final choice.


Fish, of course, are immersed entirely in water. That means they won’t cause any allergic reactions whatsoever. While fish can’t exactly be cuddled, played with, or taken for walks the way other pets can, they make fascinating companions to observe and care for! To learn more about fresh and saltwater fish care and about putting together an aquarium, contact your vet.

Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are some of the most low-maintenance pets out there. That’s why they’re often considered great “starter pets” for very young children. Kids love looking at hermit crabs’ unique shell patterns and colors, and crabs don’t require much as far as regular care. Plus, they’re totally hypoallergenic!


We know—arachnid companions like tarantulas and scorpions aren’t the right pet for everyone. Still, for the right family, these creatures can make wonderful pets who are sure to turn the heads of anyone who meets them! Arachnid pets shouldn’t cause any allergies, and they’re relatively easy to keep happy and healthy. To learn more about the care of tarantulas, scorpions, and other arachnids, talk to your veterinary professional.


Ferrets may not be considered exotic by all, but they can make good hypoallergenic pets nonetheless. Ferrets are closely related to weasels, and they don’t give off dander the way a dog or cat does. These curious, intelligent animals can even be litterbox trained like a cat! Learn more about ferrets’ enclosure, diet, and handling needs by calling your vet’s office.

These aren’t the only hypoallergenic pet options out there. If you would like to know about even more great choices, as well as other ways to help keep dander allergies to a minimum, contact your Happy Valley, OR vet clinic.

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