Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

Summer is a great time for our canine companions. Fido loves taking part in fun outdoor activities, like camping and hiking. This can be a dangerous time of year for Man’s Best Friend, however. After all, Fido has a fur coat on, and can easily overheat on hot days. Keeping your dog properly hydrated is very important! A Happy Valley, OR vet offers tips on how to do that in this article.

Automated Waterer

One way to make sure that Fido’s bowl doesn’t run dry is to get him an automated waterer. You will need to clean it regularly to remove dirt and grime.

Multiple Stations

Set out more than one watering station for your furry pal. We definitely recommend this for people with multiple pets, big houses, and/or multiple stories!

Outdoor Water

Make sure Fido always has water available outside. If you want to make your pup’s outdoor dishes more attractive, get some large plant urns, and put stainless steel bowls in them. Wash outdoor dishes daily, as wildlife may contaminate the water.

Portable Dishes

If you like to take Fido with you to parks or trails, or even just while running errands, always bring plenty of water for him. One easy way to do this is to get portable doggy dishes. You can get plastic collapsible bowls that fold up to fit into a pocket or wallet. Or, get a pet water bottle with an attached bowl.


Sodium-free broth is safe for pets. Offer Fido a bowl on really hot days. Fish, chicken, turkey, and beef broth are all fine. Just remember to check the label and make sure there is no MSG in it.

Ice Cube Treats

Many pups love crunching on ice cubes. Offer Fido a few on hot days as a treat. You can also make frozen doggy treats by pouring water or sodium-free broth over shredded meat; bits of kibble; doggy treats; pieces of bacon; cheese; eggs; bacon bits; or dog-safe fruits and veggies. Use wax paper cups, an ice cube tray, or a doggy ‘cone’ frozen treat maker, and freeze overnight.

Wet Food

Wet and dry food both have pros and cons. One good thing about canned food is that it has more moisture than kibble. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Please reach out to us, your Happy Valley, OR animal clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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