Memorializing a Beloved Pet

Pets truly enrich our lives, brightening up our days with their unconditional love, endless snuggles, and cute habits. Unfortunately, the time we have to spend with our animal companions often passes much too quickly. We are still missing Ivan, our clinic kitty and CEO (Cat Executive Officer), who recently passed on. However, while saying goodbye to a beloved pet is something that every pet parent must face sooner or later, there are some beautiful ways to honor your furry buddy’s memory. A local Happy Valley, OR vet lists some of them below.

Memorial Garden

A memorial garden can be a lovely living tribute to a four-legged companion. You can do anything from a flower garden to a small desk ecosystem, depending on your personal preferences and the amount of available space.

Framed Art

Consider commissioning a local artist to turn a beloved portrait into a painting. Another option is to try different effects on a digital copy of your favorite photo of your furry buddy. You may love the look of a pencil sketch or water color! Once it’s done, get a pretty frame and hang it in a place of honor.


Another beautiful way to keep a cherished pet’s memory alive is by getting a piece of pottery and painting it in a way that commemorates your pet. You can add paw prints, your pet’s name and nicknames, and/or some beautiful quotes.


An obituary is a touching way to say goodbye to a dear friend. Keep it a copy in a scrapbook or memory box, or post it online. You may find the process of writing the obituary quite healing in and of itself.

Charity Work

Consider donating money or supplies to a local animal shelter. Even if you aren’t ready to adopt another pet just yet, there are still far too many sweet, lovable dogs and cats out there that need help. You may also want to consider volunteering or even fostering.


A scrapbook is another good choice for keeping your furry buddy’s memory alive. You can include photos, pictures, and even some mementos, like a favorite toy or a collar.

If you have recently lost a cherished pet, please accept sincere condolences from all of us here at Linwood Animal Clinic, your local Happy Valley, OR pet clinic. We all understand how hard this is, as we’ve been there, too.

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