5 Signs of Sickness in Birds

Do you own a pet bird? Birds are very good at hiding pain, illness, and discomfort—it’s up to you to know about some telltale signs of trouble so that you can get your bird help when they’re not feeling well! Your Happy Valley, OR veterinarian tells you more here:

Loss of Appetite

As is the case with most pets, a loss of appetite isn’t a good sign for your bird. Try to keep track of your feathered friend’s eating habits, and check his food dish frequently to see how much kibble is left after mealtime. If you think your bird has stopped eating or drinking, it’s time to pay a visit to the vet’s office.

Cere Problems

Think of your bird’s cere as their nose—it’s the small area above the beak that houses your pet’s nostrils. Keep a close eye on this area to watch for any signs of trouble. Crusts, dried material, or pus coming from the cere most likely means an infection or respiratory issue! You’ll want to transport your pet to the vet’s office quickly to have them examined by the professionals.

Eye Trouble

Similar to the cere, a bird’s eyes can indicate respiratory troubles, infection, and other problems. A healthy bird’s eyes will appear clean and clear; if you see crusts, runniness, inflammation and/or redness, or anything else abnormal around your pet’s eyes, take them to the veterinarian’s office immediately.

Ruffled Feathers

Birds do ruffle their feathers occasionally, yes. However, they don’t tend to leave them that way for long periods. If you’ve noticed that your bird has kept their feathers ruffled for more than a day or so, call your veterinarian to ask for further advice. Keeping the feathers ruffled for a long time is often an indicator of respiratory problems!

Dirty Appearance

Birds tend to be good self-groomers, and they’re very hygienic. If you’ve noticed your bird looking dirtier than usual or putting off an unkempt appearance—perhaps there’s dirt or crusted material around the wings, or feathers are clumped together—it’s worth a call to the vet’s office. Illness or injury could be the reason your bird is looking less than their best!

Would you like to know more about key signs of illness in birds? Does your feathered companion need a veterinary examination? We’re always here to help! Set up an appointment today with your Happy Valley, OR pet clinic.

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