DIY Pocket Pet Toys

Do you have a rabbit, Guinea pig, hamster, or gerbil? These tiny furballs make very cute and fun animal companions! One thing that is very important to these smaller pets’ health and well-being is making sure they have lots of suitable chew toys. Because many of these ‘pocket pets’ have open-rooted teeth, they have to chew quite a bit to prevent painful dental issues. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep your pet’s toy box full. Here, a Happy Valley, OR vet lists some simple DIY toys for pint-sized pets.


Many cardboard items can make great chew toys! The tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls can be upcycled into lots of fun toys. Cut them into rings, then reassemble them as small balls around a yummy treat. Or, stack several into a pyramid shape. You can also stuff them with fresh hay, herbs, or shredded paper.


Speaking of paper, plain copy paper is both fun and safe for pets. Crumple a piece up into a ball around a tasty treat. Or, shred some, and put the pieces in a paper bag or cardboard box. You can also cut it into shapes for your adorable buddy. (Tip: this is a great kids’ project.)


Many littler pets absolutely love chewing on wood. Many wooden objects, such as spoons, children’s blocks, clothespin pieces, thread spools, and ladders, are safe for pets. Just avoid using pine or cedar, as they are toxic to small animals.


Incorporating treats into your pet’s playtime is a sure way to brighten up the little guy’s day! Stuff a paper lunch sack with fresh herbs, or hide snacks beneath a pile of grass hay. Just be sure to only offer safe, suitable foods. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Smaller pets often love exploring mazes and tunnels. You can make mazes out of PVC pipe, plastic tubing, or even cardboard boxes. Just make sure that the tunnel is big enough so that your tiny furball can’t get stuck.


Always put your pet’s safety first. Never give your furry friend anything with small parts, dangling threads, or sharp edges, or anything covered in decorative coatings, like paint, glitter, or varnish.

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