Cute Things Your Cat Will Do This Year

Happy New Year! As we move forward into 2018, many people are making predictions about what is to come for the new year. We’ll gladly leave the majority of these predictions to others, but we do have a pretty good guess about what some of our feline pals will be doing. A Happy Valley, OR vet lists some of them below.

Find New Napping Spots

It’s probably safe to say that your kitty will spend a good chunk of 2018 sound asleep. However, cats do need a little variety now and then. Your drowsy feline pal will definitely check out a few new sleeping spots in the next 12 months.

Beg For Attention

When your cat wants to cuddle, she may jump into your lap, follow you around, or just meow to be picked up and held. Some kitties love attention so much that they start purring as soon as you pet them!

Ignore You

Kitties can be very cuddly, but they only want attention on their terms. Our feline pals can’t always be bothered to respond when we call them. Your cat may also walk away if you try to pet her at the wrong time.

Play With Random Items

Playing isn’t just fun for cats: it’s also beneficial for them. However, your pet’s choice of playthings could be, well, a bit random. Your kitty may very well ignore the expensive toys you got her, and play with a bottlecap instead.

Random Zoomies

Does your cat sometimes suddenly hightail it out of the room for no reason you can see? We’re not sure why, but many kitties apparently enjoy sprinting from one room to another.

Talk Back

While some cats are definitely more talkative than others are, most kitties aren’t shy about speaking their minds when the occasion calls for it. If you move your cat while she’s sleeping, she will likely meow at you in protest. And, when you take your feline pal to the vet, you may very well get an earful on the ride over!

Be Adorable

Cats have many special quirks that make them super cute and charming pets. Your kitty’s adorable antics, charismatic meows, and furry face will all help keep you smiling this year.

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