Household Hazards for Birds

Have you chosen a bird for a pet? Our feathered friends may be small, but they have big personalities, and make truly wonderful animal companions! Birds do have some very specific care needs, however, particularly when it comes to their safety. Many common household items are very dangerous to Polly! Read on as a local Happy Valley, OR vet lists some household hazards for birds.


Fans are very dangerous to our colorful winged pals! Before letting Polly out of her cage, make sure all of your fans are off. Ceiling fans are particularly dangerous.


Birds have very sensitive lungs, and can get very sick by breathing vapors that are harmless to us. Make sure the air in Polly’s room is clean and pure, and don’t expose your pet to strong scents or vapors, such as those from cigarettes, perfumes, aerosol products, or scented candles. Even cooking fumes can be toxic to birds!


Birds don’t always realize that windows and mirrors are solid surfaces. This can be quite dangerous, as Polly can get seriously hurt if she flies into a mirror! Using window treatments can help. Just be sure to choose ones that won’t entangle your winged friend.


Although your feathered buddy may love her birdbath, Polly can’t actually swim, and could drown in just a few inches of water. Before letting your pet out of her cage, make sure that your toilets are closed and your sinks and tubs are empty. Also, keep your bird in her cage whenever you are boiling water or cooking.

Other Pets

Fluffy and Fido make wonderful animal companions, but they aren’t suitable playmates for little Polly. Even if your four-legged friend means no harm, they could do serious damage with one swipe of a paw! Keep dogs and cats in other areas when Polly is out of her cage.

Other Hazards

Polly is both playful and inquisitive by nature, and will investigate anything and everything in her domain. Remove beads, safety pins, jewelry, buttons, screws and nails, and other small or sharp objects. Ropes, threads, and wires can also be dangerous. Last but not least, keep medicines, chemicals, perfumes, and other toxic items in a secured cabinet. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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