Introducing Two Cats

Are you considering adding a new cat to your household? Congratulations! We love seeing kitties go to wonderful forever homes. However, your resident feline may not be quite as enthusiastic about the situation as we are. First impressions are a big deal to cats, so you want to make sure your pets get started on the right paw. Below, a Happy Valley, OR vet offers tips on introducing your cats.


Your new kitty will need bedding, toys, treats, food, dishes, a litterbox, and litter. Put these things in a quiet back room at first. This will give your pet a safe, comfortable space to relax and settle in. Going to a new home is a big change, and can be quite stressful for kitties! This is also a good time for you to make sure that both cats are current on their vaccinations and parasite control products. Don’t let them interact until your vet gives the all-clear.

Phase One

At first, keep your cats separated. You may see them sniffing around the door of the room where your new pet is, or playing ‘Pawsies’ under the door. As they are getting used to each other’s scents, offer your cats treats and food near that door, so they form positive associations with one another.

Phase Two

The next step is a big one: letting your cats meet. It’s normal to see some hissing and posturing, but this should subside steadily. If your cats actually fight, separate them, and try again in a few days.

Phase Three

Now that your pets have been formally introduced, you can help them start becoming friends. Playing with them together can help, as it will encourage your kitties to form positive associations with each other. This will also help burn off any excess energy, so they will be calmer afterwards. To sweeten the deal, keep giving them toys and treats together.


To keep the peace between your cats, make sure they don’t have to compete for anything. Offer plenty of toys, treats, and napping spots, as well as separate dishes and litterboxes. When getting pet furniture, pick pieces that can hold both cats at once. Also, be sure to pay your pets equal attention, so they don’t get jealous of one another.

Do you have questions about cat care? We can help! Contact us, your Happy Valley, OR animal clinic, today!

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