5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Mouth Healthy

Proper dental care is one of the most important aspects of your animal companion’s health and wellness. Dental issues are some of the most common medical problems that veterinarians treat! Use these five tips from a Happy Valley, OR veterinarian to keep your pet’s teeth and gums in tip-top shape.

Mouth Exams

Try to give your pet’s mouth a thorough examination at home once a week or so. Gently peel back the lips to expose the teeth and gums; look for any swelling, bleeding, cracked or misaligned teeth, inflammation, or anything else that looks out of the ordinary. If you find something abnormal, check with your vet to get a second opinion. Your pet might need medical attention!

Chew Toys

Although chew toys are great for providing your pet with hours of fun, they’re also great for dental health. That’s because chew toys give the teeth and gums a healthy workout, and they help to scrape off loose plaque from the outer tooth surfaces, effectively removing it before it can harden into dangerous tartar. Make sure your pet has a rotating selection of fun toys.

Quality Diet and Fresh Water

A steady supply of fresh water is essential for your pet’s good oral health, not to mention their overall well-being. A high-quality, well-balanced diet is also of the utmost importance—it keeps all body functions in peak condition and provides your pet with all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients necessary for healthy gums and strong teeth. Ask your vet to recommend a great diet that suits your pet’s age, breed, and weight.

Brushing at Home

Pick up a specially formulated pet toothpaste, as well as a pet toothbrush, at your local pet supply store. With the right technique and a bit of patience, you’ll be able to brush your pet’s teeth in the comfort of your own home. This is a great way to keep your animal friend’s mouth healthy in between appointments at the vet’s office.

Dental Cleanings

Don’t forget—there’s no substitute for professional dental cleanings at your veterinarian’s office. Talk with your veterinarian to set up a regular schedule for dental cleanings. This is the best way to make sure your pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy in the long term.

Ready to have your pet’s mouth cleaned professionally? Do you have questions about your pet’s dental health? Call your Happy Valley, OR animal hospital.

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