Holidays and Pets

This holiday season, we’ll skip the usual weekly posting of morbid information regarding diseases and briefly discuss pets and the holidays…

Firstly, of course, it’s important to talk about health concerns for pets around this time of year: pets shouldn’t be fed table scraps, since some foods (e.g. onions, garlic) can be toxic, and others (e.g. poultry bones) can present choking hazards; dangling tree ornaments and other decorations shouldn’t double as toys (no matter how tempting for an animal), since they can cause bowel obstructions if eaten; cats and dogs should not be allowed to play with decorative lights, as they pose a risk for electric shock (we’ve all seen Christmas Vacation, right?); and, as always, animals should have regular attention and care…if you’re leaving town, be sure to board your pet or find a friend or neighbor who can care for it while you’re gone.

But that stuff is all a bit depressing, and it’s much nicer to focus on the positive around the Holidays. We see a lot of greeting cards with family portraits, and our favorites are always the ones that include their pets in the photo. It’s refreshing to be reminded that so many people consider their dogs and cats to be important parts of their families. As our clients, neighbors, and friends gather their loved ones for celebration, each family following its own customs and traditions, it’s nice to think about the dog sitting hopefully by the table as dinner is served, or about the cat who rolls around in used wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

We hope your pets are healthy and happy this season. Have a happy holiday.

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