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  • Heartworms

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    I’ll kick this entry off with some good news: heartworms are rare in the Willamette Valley area, and in the Pacific Northwest in general. More good news: heartworms are most commonly transmitted in warmer months, March or April through September or October, so we’re not currently … Read More »

  • Ear Mites

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    In the veterinary field, we encounter a lot of things that someone not acclimated to the world of animal medicine might think were a bit gross. Vomit, flea infestation, and abscessed wounds: all of these things are commonplace in our typical workday, and we’ve steeled ourselves … Read More »

  • Fecal Examinations

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    Linwood Animal Clinic encourages its patients to have a fecal examination performed on a yearly basis. While poop is unquestionably the one aspect of pet ownership that most people don’t want to delve into as a subject for in-depth discussion, it is an important issue where … Read More »

  • Panleukopenia

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    Panleukopenia (also known as “feline distemper”) is a viral infection in cats that is highly contagious and often fatal. Similar to canine distemper (both illnesses are caused by a particular kind of virus called a parvovirus), the virus causes a breakdown of the intestinal wall’s lining … Read More »

  • Leptospirosis

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    Leptospirosis is an infection caused by the Leptospira bacteria, a microbe found in livestock and wildlife. In a city setting, it is most commonly carried by rats and raccoons, but can also infect a wide range of mammals common to the Portland area. In a temperate … Read More »

  • Arthritis In Pets

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    Could your pet have arthritis? Many animals – both dogs and cats – will develop arthritis as they age. Early signs can be subtle and may easily be missed, especially in cats. Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative disease of the joints. Any joint can be affected … Read More »

  • 10 Signs of Illness In Cats

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    Sometimes it’s difficult to identify when your cat’s not feeling well.  Watch for these signs of illness, and consult with your veterinarian as soon as possible if your pet begins to show any of them. Inappropriate Elimination A cat that urinates inappropriately could have any number of conditions … Read More »

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